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You decide who becomes a judge in Philadelphia. Who's best for the bench? Ask the Philadelphia Bar Association. Our Judicial Commission's objective, nonpartisan investigations rate candidates on their ability, integrity and judgment. Make an informed decision.

2021 Primary Election Ratings

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

Button #NameRecommendation
1Maria McLaughlinHighly Recommended
101Paula PatrickHighly Recommended

Superior Court

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3Timika LaneRecommended

Commonwealth Court

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6Lori A. DumasRecommended
7Sierra StreetRecommended

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

Button #NameRecommendation
22Chris HallHighly Recommended
19Michele HangleyHighly Recommended
14Nick KamauHighly Recommended
23Mark J. MooreHighly Recommended
21John R. PadovaHighly Recommended
11Wendi BarishRecommended
12Craig LevinRecommended
13Cateria R. McCabeRecommended
15Daniel R. SulmanRecommended
9Caroline TurnerRecommended
18Betsy WahlRecommended
24Tamika WashingtonRecommended
10Terri BookerNot Recommended
20Rick CataldiNot Recommended
17Maurice HoustonNot Recommended
16Patrick J. MoranNot Recommended

Philadelphia Municipal Court

Button #NameRecommendation
27George TwardyRecommended
28Greg Yorgey-GirdyRecommended
25Michael C. LambertNot Recommended
26Barbara ThomsonNot Recommended