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You decide who becomes a judge in Philadelphia. Who's best for the bench? Ask the Philadelphia Bar Association. Our Judicial Commission's objective, nonpartisan investigations rate candidates on their ability, integrity and judgment. Make an informed decision.

2021 General Election Ratings

For Supreme Court, Superior Court and Commonwealth Court, only ratings for Philadelphia-based candidates are shown. In 2021, the Judicial Commission has adopted the ratings of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission for these candidates.

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

Maria McLaughlinHighly Recommended

Pennsylvania Superior Court

Timika LaneRecommended

Commonwealth Court

Lori A. DumasRecommended

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

Nick KamauHighly Recommended
Wendi BarishRecommended
Cateria R. McCabeRecommended
Betsy WahlRecommended
Chris HallHighly Recommended
Michele HangleyHighly Recommended
Craig LevinRecommended
Daniel R. SulmanRecommended
Monica N. GibbsNot Evaluated
Leanne L. Litwin Not Evaluated
Mark J. Moore Highly Recommended
John P Sabatina Jr.Not Evaluated

Philadelphia Municipal Court

Greg Yorgey-GirdyRecommended
Michael C. LambertNot Recommended
George TwardyRecommended
Christian A. DiCiccoNot Evaluated
Fran McCloskeyRecommended

Judicial Retentions

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

Diana L. AnhaltRecommended
Denis P. CohenRecommended
Rose Marie Defino-NastasiRecommended
Charles A. EhrlichRecommended
Angelo J. FogliettaRecommended
Jonathan Q. IrvineRecommended
Elizabeth JacksonRecommended
Vincent L. JohnsonRecommended
Sean F. KennedyRecommended
Barbara A. McDermottRecommended
Margaret T. MurphyRecommended
George W. OvertonRecommended
Edward C. WrightRecommended

Philadelphia Municipal Court

Frank T. BradyRecommended
Patrick DuganRecommended
Charles HaydenRecommended
Christine M. HopeRecommended
Sharon Williams LosierRecommended
Joffie C. Pittman IIIRecommended
Craig M. WashingtonRecommended