Judges Have Enormous Power

On May 16 use yours!

On May 16, you decide who becomes a judge in Philadelphia. Who's best for the bench? Ask the Philadelphia Bar Association. Our Judicial Commission's objective, nonpartisan investigations rate candidates on their ability, integrity and judgment. Make an informed decision.

Philadelphia Bar Association Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention Ratings for 2017 Primary Candidates

Superior Court of Pennsylvania *

  • Highly Recommended:
  • Highly RecommendedMaria McLaughlin
  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedCarolyn H. Nichols
  • RecommendedPaula A. Patrick

Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania *

  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedEllen Ceisler

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedWendi Barish
  • RecommendedLawrence J. Bozzelli
  • RecommendedDeborah Canty
  • RecommendedLucretia C. Clemons
  • RecommendedDavid Conroy
  • RecommendedLeonard Deutchman
  • RecommendedVincent Furlong
  • RecommendedLeon Goodman
  • RecommendedVikki Kristiansson
  • RecommendedJohn Macoretta
  • RecommendedJon Marshall
  • RecommendedBrian McLaughlin
  • RecommendedMark J. Moore
  • RecommendedJennifer Schultz
  • RecommendedZac Shaffer
  • RecommendedHenry McGregor Sias
  • RecommendedDaniel R. Sulman
  • RecommendedStella Tsai
  • Not Recommended:
  • Not RecommendedTerri M. Booker
  • Not RecommendedDeborah Cianfrani
  • Not RecommendedMark B. Cohen
  • Not RecommendedShanese Johnson
  • Not RecommendedRania Major
  • Not RecommendedVincent Melchiorre
  • Not RecommendedDanyl S. Patterson
  • Not RecommendedCrystal B. Powell
  • Not RecommendedBill Rice

Philadelphia Municipal Court

  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedMarissa Brumbach
  • RecommendedJon Marshall
  • RecommendedGeorge Twardy
  • RecommendedMatt Wolf
  • Not Recommended:
  • Not RecommendedBill Rice
  • Not RecommendedSherman Toppin

* Appellate court ratings are issued only for those candidates who maintain a principal office or chambers in Philadelphia.