Judges Have Enormous Power

On November 3 use yours!

On November 3, you decide who becomes a judge in Philadelphia. Who's best for the bench? Ask the Philadelphia Bar Association. Our Judicial Commission's objective investigations rate candidates on their ability, integrity and judgment. Make an informed decision.

Philadelphia Bar Association Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention Ratings for General Election Candidates 2015

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedKevin M. Dougherty
  • RecommendedPaul Panepinto

Superior Court of Pennsylvania

  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedAlice B. Dubow

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

  • Highly Recommended:
  • Highly RecommendedAbbe Fletman
  • Highly RecommendedChris Mallios
  • Highly RecommendedKai Scott
  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedMichael Fanning
  • RecommendedDaine Grey, Jr.
  • RecommendedRainy Papademetriou
  • RecommendedMia Roberts Perez
  • RecommendedKen Powell
  • RecommendedStephanie M. Sawyer
  • Not Recommended:
  • Not RecommendedScott DiClaudio
  • Not RecommendedVincent Furlong
  • Not RecommendedTracy B. Roman
  • Not RecommendedLyris Younge

Philadelphia Municipal Court

  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedJoffie C. Pittman
  • Not Recommended:
  • Not RecommendedChristine Hope
  • Not RecommendedSharon Williams Losier

Appellate court ratings are issued only for those candidates who maintain a principal office or chambers in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Bar Association Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention Final Ratings Retention Judges 2015

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas:

  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedGwendolyn N. Bright
  • RecommendedGlenn B. Bronson
  • RecommendedAnn M. Butchart
  • RecommendedMatthew D. Carrafiello
  • RecommendedAmanda Cooperman
  • RecommendedCharles J. Cunningham
  • RecommendedIdee C. Fox
  • RecommendedMarlene F. Lachman
  • RecommendedPatricia McInerney
  • RecommendedWalter J. Olszewski
  • RecommendedLillian Harris Ransom
  • RecommendedSusan I. Schulman
  • RecommendedLisette Shirdan-Harris
  • RecommendedLeon W. Tucker
  • RecommendedJohn Milton Younge
  • Not Recommended:
  • Not RecommendedFrank Palumbo

Philadelphia Municipal Court:

  • Recommended:
  • RecommendedFrank T. Brady
  • RecommendedPat Dugan
  • RecommendedBarbara S. Gilbert
  • RecommendedCharles Hayden
  • RecommendedGerard A. Kosinski
  • RecommendedMarsha H. Neifield
  • RecommendedCraig M. Washington
  • Not Recommended:
  • Not RecommendedDawn A. Segal